4 State Ghost Society

Investigating WV, VA, MD and PA

In Memorandum

Posted by on Mar-24-2020

You didn’t want to become what we hunt,
It all feels like a horrible stunt.
Chuck you left me to soon,
I feel like I am in a cocoon,
Not knowing how to get out,
My life is full of doubt,
How am I suppose to go on?
Not knowing the reason your gone,
I guess God had other plans for you,
He needed you for more things to do,
I know you are in a better place,
But I still miss that smile on your face,
So when I see that bright new star in the sky,
I know it is see you later, not goodbye.

  1. Dixie Said,

    You will always be loved and missed!! You are and always will be 4 State Ghost Society!!

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