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Learning From Experience

Posted by on Mar-22-2010

Learning From Experience By Dixie

Everyone has his or her own reason for being interested in paranormal research.  Most of us probably had some type of experience at one point in our lives.  We do not often acknowledge the occurrence when it happens for fear of being ridiculed.  Others may say they don’t believe us or we fear they will laugh at us.  Some of these experiences are so strong that they can make a huge impact on your life.  Thanks to television, paranormal research is getting more attention and becoming more accepted.  Whether you have had an experience or are just curious, that is enough reason to make us want to do research to try to prove or disprove its existence. 

My experiences started when I was about eleven years old with the death of my uncle.  I was very close to my uncle and traumatized with his passing.  A few days after his funeral, I started to see him standing at the foot of my bed.  I would scream and my parents would come in and he would disappear.  My parents told me I was just having a bad dream, but I was wide awake when this occurred.  This went on for a few weeks until I realized screaming was not going to help and my parents were getting upset with me.  I then began to listen to my uncle tell me that he was fine and at peace with no more pain.  At some point that must have comforted me. My uncle he said to me, “You know that I am ok and now it’s time to let go.”  And that was the last time I saw him.

Many years later, we moved to a house in Keedysville, Maryland where I woke one night and was going to get up.  As I turned, I was startled by a civil war soldier standing over me.  I became so frighten that I pulled the covers up over my head and never did get up.  I tried to tell my husband of the experience and he didn’t believe me and said that maybe I was dreaming.  He asked what the soldier’s uniform looked like.  To me it was just a uniform.  My husband is a big civil war buff.  One day as he was reading one of his books, I recognized the uniform and told him.  It turns out that it was a confederate officers uniform.  But my husband was still skeptic.

In that same house a few months later, I sat watching television with my dog beside me and noticed the dog was looking at the wall on the other side of the room.  His head was moving as if to follow something.  When I looked over, I saw a woman dressed in civil war attire walking, then she disappeared.  In my mind, that confirmed what I had read about animals being sensitive to the paranormal.

This finally got my husbands curiosity up.  Owning a digital camera, he suggested we go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and take some photos.  We started to spend time at Devils Den and Triangular Field.  After downloading the pictures onto my computer, there appeared to be an apparition in one of the photos.  There was no one else in the field at that time. After showing my husband the picture, he finally admitted I might not have been dreaming about the other apparitions.  We went back to the same location to try to recreate the same photo and have not been able to. That aroused even more curiosity.

After that time, I decided to start investigating the paranormal and try to get scientific evidence that the paranormal does exist.  So I kept going back to the Gettysburg battlefield and each time going to a different location.  While on these outings I met other people doing same type of investigations. I received information from other people at Gettysburg on other types of equipment I could use to try to document paranormal activity.

I also researched the internet to see what kind of equipment I could use to capture evidence.  The first piece of equipment I bought was another digital camera with higher pixels.  Next, I purchased a digital voice recorder to capture EVPs.  So over the next two months, I bought several different pieces of equipment that I could use in helping with research, such as a no contact thermometer to measure any drop in temperature, an EMF meter to measure any spikes in the electro magnetic field, a KII meter that I could use to communicate with a spirit, and a new camcorder to try to capture video. At this point I wanted to try to get any and all scientific evidence of the paranormal.

Once I started to get some evidence on my digital voice recorder, I started to visit other areas.  We explored places such as Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg, and my husband’s place of business.  After getting some Class 1 EVPs and pictures with anomalies in them, I really started to get serious about the paranormal.

Both my husband and I wanted to get more educated on the paranormal.  We both became Certified Paranormal Investigators through Doug Kelley’s SPIRITeam certification course (now the ParaNexus CPI Course).  We started to look for other people with the same serious interest in the paranormal.  I soon found a group to join and we started going on investigations.  As a group, we investigated residential and public places such as Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA.  From other members of the group, I was shown and taught how to use other types of equipment such as infrared cameras and digital video recorders.  It is definitely a field of constant learning and teaching.

I constantly look for new tools and methods to use on investigations.  I want to help others understand what might be happening to them and let them know they are not alone in their feelings of the paranormal.  As far as the paranormal group that I had originally joined, I am no longer a team member.  One day my husband and I would like to start our own paranormal group.

Dixie, CLPI is a Certified Paranormal Investigator who has been involved in paranormal research for four years in Maryland. She is also a  Certified Leading Paranormal Investigator through the Para Nexus Academy.    She can be contacted by e-mail at fourstateghostsociety@yahoo.com

This article was published in the Paranexus News Letter.

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