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Roulette Farm, Antietam Battlefield

Posted by on Jul-31-2011

This picture was taken by one of our investigators.  We did an investigation in May 2011 of the Antietam Battlefield. The picture is a window of the Roulette Farm on the front porch.  We did everything to recreate the picture with no success.  Who’s face is in the window?

We found pictures of two of the residents of the Roulette house.  One is Mr Roulette and the other is a house worker.  Look at the facial features of both. Compare them to the face in the window.  Do you think it looks like either of these?  We will let you be the judge.

Mist at Triangluar Field

Posted by on Dec-10-2010

This was taken at the triangular field in Gettysburg, Pa in the summer of 2010.  The mist coming out from a rock formation and up the hill.  If you look closely we see what appears to be a horse and leaning over on the horses back is a figure which could be a soldier. 

Sach’s Bridge 2008

Posted by on Dec-10-2010

This picture was taken on Sach’s Bridge.  This beautiful covered bridge sits over a creek.  Is it mist from the creek rising or is it an apparation?  We dont claim this to be paranormal but it certainly is interesting considering at the time people were putting all types of graffit on the bridge.  It does appear that someone is kneeling and praying. 

Soldier in the field?

Posted by on Dec-10-2010

This was taken in the triangular field at Gettysburg on July 3, 2005.  It was late and no one else was in the field but us.  We were just taking random pictures on the way out.  It appears to us this could be a soldier in lower field.  After reviewing this we went back the next week and looked for any signs of rocks, logs or anythng that could explain what is in the pic.  There was nothing there.

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