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Posted by on Jul-21-2013

Gordon Fisher:

On Friday night, 4 State Ghost Society came to my home to do an investigation. I was totally impressed with their professionalism as well as the equipment they brought. This was a thero investigation like you would get from any TV show investigators, such as Taps, of Ghost Adventures. After they had set up the equipment, Chuck and I did an investigation outside in another building while Dixie and Ty investigated the house. We have much to review from DVD video to Audio EVP sessions.
If you are looking for a paranormal team to come to your home and do a discreet investigation, I highly recommend 4 State Ghost Society. In my all of my paranormal experience, they are one of the best investigatoring team that are very experienced at what they do.


Posted by on Jul-20-2013

Hi Chuck and Dixie!!! I miss you guys!! I am so glad to see that you got a web sight now, Things here are still about the same. No more no less. Although Jerry moved the radio to the basement lol it was freaking out too many people. I think we have just gotten used to whatever is in the house as it doesnt seem to bother us anymore. I guess we can co-exsist. Keep up the good work and give us a call sometime when you need help. we only have the cell phone and I am not sure you have it. so drop me an email and I will sent it or ask Jerry next time you go to his work.
Love and Hugs!!

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