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Welcome to 4 State Ghost Society

4.S.G.S  is a professional paranormal investigation team consisting of members with a variety of experience in this field.  Either through years of experience and evidence collected or personal experience.  We operate a wide range of specialized high tech and low tech electronic equipment to evaluate reports of paranormal activity.  After each investigation, we thoroughly review our collected data then reveal all the results with you.  We double and triple check all evidence to make sure it is nothing that we can explain.  Then and only then do we give the results to the client.  We don’t approach any case with the attitude that we have to find something.  If that approach is used that would only give false evidence to the client and we value our integrity to much to that.  So when evidence is given to the client we are very confident in our finding.

Our teams purpose is to dispel myths and stories and to separate fact from fiction. We rely on scientific evidence.  Our goal is to help those that are experiencing paranormal activity find the answers.  We have a high degree of integrity and will always respect our surroundings as if they are our own.  We approach each case objectively and professionally. We stand behind any evidence that is given to our clients.

 We don’t release any information on our clients, it is always kept confidential.  Our service is Free of charge.  Let us help you find the answers!

 About Us

 Four State Ghost Society is a Maryland based team.  Founders are from Hagerstown Maryland and Everson Pennsylvania.  We have been investigating claims of paranormal activity since 2005.  We have done businesses and private homes.  We are like other investigation teams, we just want to find answers into the paranormal world.  We are a small team who have a variety of experience in investigating.  Also all of us have had some type of personal experience that drives us to want to find out more.  Don’t let the words “Small Team” fool you because there is no investigation that is to big or to small for 4 S.G.S.

Contact Us

Contact us at: 240-310-4485. Or email us at fourstateghostsociety@yahoo.com

Also for your paranormal needs contact The Ghost Pit or 4 Paranormalville on facebook!

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